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Don: Last time on the Ridonculous Race! Teams traveled to Paris where their wills were tested, their artistic limits were pushed, their bravery was shown, and Owen ate more cheese than I thought humanly possible. The police cadets narrowly edged out the ice dancers to win the challenge. The Tennis Rivals escaped by the skin of their teeth and the Adversity twins got the boot, but hey that’s one episode farther than we all expected out of them. Who will lose today? They all have potential. Find out here! This is THE RIDONCULOUS RACE! (Smiles in the camera causing it to flash)

(Intro begins)

=== The Louvre (Paris Chill Zone) === (Don and the teams stand in front of the Louvre which as the Chill Zone from last episode)

Don: Yesterday's Chill Zone was the Louvre which will be today's starting line. Teams will start in the order they arrived starting with - (he sees Josee and Jacques trying to grab a tip) Whoa! It's not your turn! Yesterday’s winners go first, you wait for your turn like everyone else. (The Ice Dancers grumble as they walk behind MacArthur and Sanders)

MacArthur: What's wrong, Ice Capades? Did you ACTUALLY think you were supposed to be winners? (She laughs as Josee and Jacques glare)

Sanders: Keep it professional MacArthur.

---> MacArthur: I’ve got my eye on those ice dancers. Give them an inch and they’ll take the whole race.

---> Jacques: This is so unfair! We should be getting all the glory and victory!
---> Josee: Don't worry Jacques. I have a feeling today will be our lucky day. (Kisses her lucky rabbits foot)

Sanders: (presses the Don Box and reads the tip) Take the train to Calanque de Maubois on the Mediterranean Coast and search the train station for your next tip. Come on! (She and MacArthur run)

Don: (voices over as slideshow as images of Calanque de Maubois are shown) Teams must take the train south to Calanque de Maubois off the skirts of the Mediterranean Coast. Calanque de Maubois is famous for its sandy beaches so fine you want it to get in your shorts. The Red Cliffs are one of the many beautiful destinations down here. (Don is now shown on the beach wearing a red speedo) Did I mention that the beaches are awesome? Cause they are! (A crab grabs his speedo and yanks it) OWWWW!

(Back at the don box the best friends and father/son arrive to get their tips Devin presses the button to get the tip but a mime steals it)

Devin: Hey! Give me that back! (Chases after him)

Junior: (looks at Carrie who is suddenly surrounded by hearts and cupids and he smiles) H-hey! (Makes his voice deeper) I mean, hey. I'm Dwayne.

Carrie: Hi. I'm Carrie. (Offers him a handshake until Dwayne steps in)

Dwayne: (shakes Carrie's hand) Nice to meet you! Dwayne Sr. I see you already met Dwayne Jr. Hehe, what a great little guy. (Rubs Juniors head)

Junior: Dad!

Dwayne: He can act out sometimes, but that’s what happens when they reach puberty. (Junior looks at him spitefully)

Devin (returns with the tip): Come on Carrie! We need to head to the train station! (Carrie and Devin run)

Carrie: Well, it was nice meeting you guys. Good luck to you.

Dwayne: Nice people, right Junior? (Junior glares at him) What?

---> Junior: My dad is always embarrassing me.
---> Dwayne:  Me? Embarrass you? (Laughs) Junior, you're just being self-conscious. Oh, that reminds me I washed your favorite pair of underwear last night. (Holds it up)
---> Junior: (rolls his eyes) Oh dad!

Sanders: (elsewhere she and MacArthur along with Leo/Annie are trying to catch a taxi) Taxi! Taxi! Taxi! (All of them ignore her) Man this is really hard. Why won't any of them stop?

MacArthur: (steps up) Move aside. I got this. (Steps into the middle of the street and holds up her police badge) HALTTTTTT!! (Suddenly all the cars crash into one another)

Leo: Whoa....

MacArthur: (walks up to the window of a car and presses her badge against the glass) Police! We are commandeering this vehicle, maggot! DO YOU UNERSTAND! (He nods in fear as MacArthur gives the thumbs up to Sanders) Got one.

Sanders: (looks worried)

---> Sanders: I'm a little concerned. MacArthur can be kind of aggressive at times.
---> MacArthur: What?! (Gets in Sanders' face) I dare you to say that again to my face! (Backs off and laughs) I'm kidding. Lighten up.  (Gets in her face again) Seriously! Lighten up!
---> Sanders: (fakes smile) Better?
---> MacArthur: (backs off and smiles) Better.

(Leo and Annie get in another taxi that stopped to avoid the crash)

Leo: Could you drive us to the subway station please? (Taxi driver nods in agreement and they head off)

(Meanwhile Jacques and Josee see a sign leading down to the metro)

Jacques: But of course. The subway is the fastest way to the train station. (They head down with the surfer dudes following them)

---> Brody: Our strategy’s pretty simple. We just follow a team that’s smarter than us, and pretty much everyone’s smarter than us, so... Yeah!
---> Both: Wicked! (They fist bump and head off)

(Meanwhile Rock spud get their tip and head off. The sisters and mother/daughter arrive behind them)

Kitty: Come on team mate let’s have some fun!

Emma: No! (Pushes the button and gets the tip) Let’s come in first for a change. Train station, come on! (Runs ahead)

Kitty: Woo-hoo! Fun!

Emma: Come on! (She grabs her and runs)

(Meanwhile in the taxi carrying the police cadets, MacArthur is driving while the driver sits in the back)

MacArthur: (she’s driving with Sanders in the front. The driver is in the back) I need directions Sanders!

Sanders: (looking through the compartments) There’s no maps. I can't find anything.

MacArthur: (smirks) Time to play bad cop.

Sanders: Uh oh....

MacArthur: (puts on the brakes hard causing the car to stop and she get in the driver’s face causing him to shrink back in fear) TRAIN STATION! DIRECTIONS! NOWWWWW!

Dwayne: (he and Junior are running to the train station ahead of Carrie and Devin) I'm surprised you can keep up with the old man. (Chuckles and notices Junior is staring back) Junior?

Junior: (stares lovingly into Carrie until he runs into a wall) Oww!

Dwayne: Junior! (Runs up to him) You okay!?

Carrie: (she and Devin run up to Junior as well) Are you feeling okay?

Junior: (smiles at Carrie lovingly) I am now.

Devin: (looks up and notices that they are at the train station) Look homie, we made it! Let's go! (Carrie and Devin run with Dwayne and Junior following.)

Sanders: (sticks her head out the window) There's the train station!

MacArthur: Hold on! I saw this in a movie once! (Spins the wheel causing it to spin out of control)

Sanders/Driver: (holding onto each other in fear) AUGHHHH!!!

(They parallel park into a space perfectly)

MacArthur: (she steps out of the car and begins writing up a ticket) This is for parking in front of a fire hydrant.

Driver: (receives the ticket and gives a WTH face)

---> Sanders: Can you even give a ticket outside your jurisdiction?
---> MacArthur: (Gives her a ticket)
---> Sanders: Huh? What's this? (Reads it) Excessive complaining? That's not a real offense.
---> MacArthur: Sure it is. Look it up. (Sanders just gives her a look)

(Meanwhile at the Don box the Reality TV pros and the Tennis Rivals finally get their tips and head off)

Don: (voice) As all the teams have gotten their tips, the first seven teams are about to leave the train station.

(June/Quince, Devin/Carrie, Dwayne/Junior, MacArthur/Sanders and Gabriella/Nekota arrive at the train station and enter the train noticing Josee and Jacques already there relaxing in their seats. Geoff and Brody are in another train cabin)

Jacques: (sees them) Oh, there you guys are. What took you so long? (Sips some water)

June: Hey where’d you come from?

Josee: Ever heard of the subway, fastest way to a train station? (Everyone face palms as the train takes off)

Don: (voice) The first seven teams have just left the station, and now the rest of the teams race for train number two.

(Taxis are shown racing to the train station. We look inside the Taxi carrying Tom/Jen, they are dolling themselves up.)

Jen: The south of France is were only the most glamorous people in the world hangout. It’s just Paris with glossier lipstick and more water sports.

Tom: (gasps) Oh! No! Please! Please! Please tell me I have it! (Looks through shopping bags) Phew! Got it. (Holds up aerosol can) Spray tan?

Jen: Do you even have to ask? (The car fills up with a tan mist that you can see coming out of the windows)

(Meanwhile in the taxi carrying the geniuses)

Mary: (she and Ellody are giving the driver directions) Take LeBronc to Canal.

Ellody: Canal to Germain.

Mary: Germain to Belmont.

Ellody: Turn left on LeGrant.

Mary: Reverse onto Bereau.

Both: Then U-turn back on Grant south to Duncard and make an immediate left instead of a right.

Mary: Less traffic.

Ellody: Trust us, we're geniuses.

---> Ellody: Me and Mary weren't exactly "popular" in high school but memorizing all the streets of every urban center is just as much fun as going to parties.
---> Mary: Or going out on dates, or prom, or taking non science electives, or being a cheerleader, or ……
---> Ellody: Well it doesn't matter because our choices are paying off, we can just outthink the other competitors.

(In the subway station Chet meets up with Lorenzo, Chet is sweaty and exhausted.)

---> Lorenzo: I took the subway here. He took a taxi.
---> Chet: Can you tell Lorenzo that the time he wasn’t with me has been the best part of the race so far?!
---> Lorenzo: Well could you please tell Chet that the best part of my life was the part BEFORE he came into it?! (They push each other and start to fight, again)

Kitty: (she and Emma are in a taxi heading to the train station and she talks to the driver) Hey, can you take a picture of my sister and me?

Emma: This is a race Kitt! Not a vacation!

Kitty: Come on! (Grabs Emma and pulls her in for an selfie) I want to make memories of all our time together! (Poses) PARIS! (Takes the picture)

Emma: (uncomfortable) Ugh....

(The scene changes to the teams on the 1st train already on the way to the coast.)

Carrie: (she's talking to Dwayne and Junior who sit in front of them) So me and Devin met in the sandbox when we were four and haven't been apart since.

Dwayne: Well that's sweet. You always remember the first time you meet your soulmate. (To Junior) Do you know how me and your mom met?

Junior: Yeah, you spilled soda all over mom's clothes at a Christmas party and had to pay for her dry cleaning.

Dwayne: Hey, I did get her number. (To Devin) So, how long have you two been dating?

Devin: Dating? Me and Carrie aren't a couple. I'm already dating someone named Shelly.

Carrie: (frowns) Yeah.... Shelly...

Dwayne: Huh, My mistake. (Reads a newspaper as Junior is seen smiling widely next to him)

---> Junior: (he's by himself) She's single! WOOOHOOO!! (He runs around cheering in excitement)

(At the trains station more teams wait for train 2. Lorenzo holds back Chet from punching him. The daters make out. The goths stand there motionless, and the siblings stare at them weirded out. Fabian walks around aimlessly while May, Jordan, Sam all look at magazines from a kiosk. The fashion bloggers arrive with their spay tans)

Mary: It seems like your skin pigmentation has received an overdose of dihydroxyacetone.

(She and Ellody laugh as the models arrive)

Yves (to Tom and Jen): Listen. I love your blog and hate to be “that girl” but tans, real or fake, don’t work for anyone.

Jen: Well you’re one to complain with that already perfectly tanned skin.

Yves: This isn’t a tan, this is my natural skin tone. I’m a Philippine.

Tom: Regardless you lucked out, this skin is flawless (examining her arm and hand) Not a freckle or hair out of place. (Notices Syd and Dani have arrived) Unlike him.

Syd: What’s wrong with me?

Tom: Do I have to point out the hair? (Points to Syd’s semi long navy blue hair)

Syd: (embarrassed): But it’s my hair, I like it.

Aaryn (Speaks to Tom): Tom listen I like you, I respect you. I want to be friends with you and Jen but I can’t do that if you insult the competition.

Tom: But it’s gaudy.

Aaryn: Maybe it is, but you shouldn’t say that directly to someone’s face. Some people don’t have the same confidence we do and any remark can be damaging to their self-esteem.

Tom: Fine I won’t say things out loud anymore I’ll just think them very loudly.

Aaryn: Thanks man! (Walks over to Syd) Sorry about that, it probably won’t happen again. And for what it’s worth I think you’re hair looks great.

Syd: Really?

Aaryn: Really. Reminds me of my favorite shirt. (Syd is slightly smitten by this)

---> Dani: He seems nice doesn’t he?
---> Syd: He’s nice and cute, but how do I know he’s into me in that way?
---> Dani: Ask him, or ask that friend of his.

Owen: (He and Noah show up) See, we made it.

Noah: Yeah but we're still in one of the last places and we need to catch up.

Gerry: (he and Pete run in drenched in sweat) Wow, what a run am I right?

Pete: Good thing I'm prepared for marathons like that. (They laugh)

Ryan: That was a three and a half mile run. (Gerry and Pete sigh)

---> Pete: Okay, we're not off to a good start today.
---> Gerry: We barely squeaked by last challenge and this race drains us like crazy. We just don't have the same stamina we had when we were 29.
---> Pete: You know what else you didn't have at age 29? That ear hair. (They laugh)

Leo (getting impatient): Come on, HURRY UP!

Don: (voice) As group 2 waits for the train. Group 1 has already arrived at the beach.

(Everyone runs over to the Don box to get their tips)

Dwayne: Alright, let's see what we got. (Reads it and gets worried) Uh oh.

Brody: (reads the tip) Who wants to swim with S-SHARKS?! (All competitors look at the water to see that its shark infested. They gulp in fear.)

Don: (Is on a small paddle boat in the middle of the water surrounded by sharks) Yes, sharks. In this botch or watch, whoever didn't draw the caricature in Paris has to swim to this part of the Mediterranean and retrieve a tip from the dorsal fin of a great white shark. (A shark suddenly roars on Don's boat) AUGHHHHHH! (It disappears) Yeah, you better run unless you want a piece of the widow maker! (It comes back) AUGHHHHHH!

Sanders: (reads the tip) Note: Eaten contestants will result in disqualification. Wow, they really thought of everything. (Appears nervous)

Devin: (to Carrie) Here goes nothing. I hope. (He jumps in)

Geoff: Crush it bro! (High fives Brody as he heads into the water)

---> Brody: The botch or watch challenges are the worst. I’m so afraid I’m gonna goof up and get us both axed. But this one was easy for me. I was captain of the swim team all 5 years of high school. Easy peasy.
---> Geoff: Yeah man. Sharks, minnows more like it.

MacArthur: Sharks? Man I dodged a bullet.

Sanders (nervously): Still here.

MacArthur: What? I’m just saying I’m happy I’m not you. Now get moving! (Pushes her into the water) That’ll light a fire in her.

(Meanwhile on train 2 we see several of the teams sitting, riding, and conversing.)

Ellody: (she and Mary sit across from Laurie and Miles) So how has your time on the show been so far?

Miles: Really good. We helped out a camel and made his dream come true.

Mary: What type of dream could a camel have?

Laurie: To not be ridden on like an animal.

Ellody: But camels are animals. And to a lesser extent so are we.

Laurie/Miles: (at the same time) Exactly! (They laugh as Ellody and Mary look confused at each other.)

---> Ellody: Those two are peculiar.
---> Mary: Agreed, but then again not everyone can have our brain capacity.

(Mother/son sit a few aisles behind the models. Yves gets up and walks into Syd who decides to talk to her)

Yves: Oh hey, do you know where the bathroom is on this train?

Syd: The metro doesn’t have a bathroom.

Yves: Well I guess I can wait until we make our stop and then start the challenge.

Syd: I guess. Hey is Aaryn dating anyone?

Yves: Not right now. (Syd looks happy) But he did date several of the girls in our graduating class. (Syd looks disheartened and walks off) Hey what’s the matter? Wait, did you want to date him?

Syd: M-Maybe?

Yves: If want to date him you can, Aaryn is bisexual.

Syd: Really?!

Yves: Really.

---> Syd: I’VE GOT A CHANCE! (Cheers) Wait! I’ve got to play this cool, I’ll see if he’d like me to help him with the next challenge and from then on I’ll just play it cool.

(Back at the beach the teams there are either starting the botch or watch or preparing to. Those doing this challenge are Josee, Gabriella, Devin, Dwayne, Brody, Sanders, and June.)

Nekota: (kisses Gabriella for luck) Good luck man.

Gabriella: I don’t need luck! I was born lucky! (Dives into the water and starts swimming)

June: I can’t believe I’m doing this!

Quince: Well the point of these shows is to see what people will and won’t do for money. And don’t worry I’ve heard sharks like a fatty meal, which means they’ll probably go after that Owen fellow and leave you alone. You’re a scrawny little snack to them and they want an entrée.

June: Well then I hope I’m like truffle oil to these sharks, HERE GOES EVERYTHING! (Dives into the water)

(Several people swim ahead while Dwayne swims slowly behind)

---> Dwayne: Turns out swimming in shark infested waters is a lot harder on my old body than I thought. (Junior just rolls his eyes)

Josee: (she jumps gracefully in the water and is easily able to grab a tip from a shark) Too easy! (A shark suddenly chases her) Uh oh! (She gracefully swims away)

Devin: Nice move!

Gabriella: Whoa!  

---> Gabriella: (by herself) Okay, I just love the ice dancers. They’re Olympians, they’re everything I want to be. Maybe if I prove my prowess they’d be open to an alliance.

Devin: (reaching for one) Almost got it.....

Brody: (Jumping on it) Sorry dude! Gotta grab the shark by the horn! (The shark swims off with him)

Don: (voice) While our teams battle with the top of the aquatic food chain. Train #2 has arrived

Mary: Wait I think we’re missing a team.

Ellody: Worry later. There’s the don box. Hurry!

(They receive their tips. Ryan, Jordan, Rock, Pete, Chet, Owen, Emma, Mary, Crimson, Syd, Leo, Aaryn, Kelly, Miles, and Sam will be doing this challenge.)

(On the beach)

Carrie: (watching Devin swim around) Oh Devin, please be safe.

Junior: Don't worry about Devin. You should focus on something or someone else. (Winks)

Quince: Shouldn't you be worrying about your dad? He looks like he's struggling.

Junior: (not paying attention) Nah, I'm sure he's fine. (Dwayne is seen swimming in terror)

(Underwater Devin grabs a tip from the shark but it turns around and growls at him, causing him to leave the tip and swim away in terror. The tip floats to the surface where Dwayne grabs it)

---> Junior: I’m really proud of my dad. It takes guts to swim TOWARDS a shark.
---> Dwayne: Well son, this isn’t your dad’s 1st shark rodeo. If anything that shark’s lucky he didn’t have to tangle with the Dwayne man. (Yells and punches the camera causing it to go to static and crack) Oh, hey. You ok there?

Chet: (entering the water) You draw a caricature. I have swallow my own barf AND swim with sharks?! This is so unfair!

Lorenzo: Only if you’re you. (Laughs)

Yves: Since you have to do the challenge I’m gonna go to the bathroom, okay?

Aaryn: Sure go ahead I should be fine. (Yves runs off) Man what am I gonna do?

Syd: (approaches him) Would you like my help?

Aaryn: Depends, are you an ichthyologist?

Syd: Well no but I’ve considered it. However I do know a lot about sharks. Care to team up this challenge?

Aaryn: Sure man.

---> Syd: (celebratory fist pump) Yes! I got his attention now to show him what I’m made of.

Annie: This is some challenge.

Leo: Yeah no kidding, but at least it’s me instead of you, I’d hate it if anything happened to you.

Annie: That’s really nice of you to say but do you think you’ll be fine?

Leo: Don’t worry Annie I’m gonna get this done in one piece! (Takes off shoes and socks and goes into the water)

Annie: May the odds forever be in your favor. (Waves)

(The daters stop making out)

Stephanie: Baby if you get eaten, I will find that shark and eat it so that we can be together always. (They stare at each other lovingly)

Fabian (arriving with Jordan): I actually wouldn’t. Sharks may kill an average of 4 people a year but humans kill 11,000 sharks an hour.

Stephanie: Okay, so maybe I won’t.

Ryan: Don’t worry it’s the thought that counts. (They continue to make out when a yacht arrives carrying the Fashion Bloggers)

Tom: Hi everyone. Hope you didn’t miss us.

---> Jen: Okay, we got off the train in Cannes.
---> Tom: Just to breathe it in.
---> Jen: And right there on the platform.
---> Tom: The Prince of Monaco!
---> Jen: He asks where we’re headed
---> Tom: One thing leads to another.
---> Jen: And then we got a Yacht ride!
---> Both: With a prince! (Both squee)

Jen: Thanks for the ride your highness. (A shark jumps out of the water. Tom screams and jumps into Jen’s arms.)

Fabian: You ready to go?

Jordan (taking off her shoes and socks): Pretty much I just want to wait for Sam so we can do this thing together.

Fabian: Oh, I feel so guilty. If only I’d eaten the stew in Morocco, then I’d be the one swimming.

Jordan: Aww! That’s sweet of you to pretend you’d put your own safety above mine but I’ve got this. Hold these. (Hands him her shoes and socks, turns to Sam) You ready man?

Sam (naked except for his underwear, which is light blue lace briefs. You can see his body has a lot of tattoos) Sure! Let’s do it! (They both head to the water)

(Devin is seen swimming desperately while Josee effortlessly swims around him like a mermaid)

Jacques: She is beauty, grace and strength. Every move like a swan which makes all other swans pale in comparison. Wouldn’t you agree?

Nekota: (Doesn’t really get the metaphor) Yeah. Hey, where’s Gabriella?

Annie: And Leo?

Quince: And June?

Lorenzo: HA! Maybe we got lucky and Chet got eaten by a shark.

Gerry: Well that's awfully mean.

Lorenzo: Chet's a dork. Aren't you and your partner rivals or something?

Gerry: Yeah but I still respect him. We're friends even though he can be a sour puss at times. (Laughs)

Ennui: (stands by himself) Yeah, I don't do interactions with others.

Fabian: (walks to him) Me neither. Let’s not interact with anyone together. (Ennui walks away)

May: Nice try buddy.

---> May: I’ve been friends with Fabian longer than anyone. He used to be so reclusive and only speak to me, now that we’re older and we’ve found our meaning in life he’s a lot more open, so it makes me very happy to see him trying to extend the olive branch to someone.
---> Fabian: I really do wanna make a few new friends on this race.

(Leo approaches an oblivious shark from behind)

Leo: I’ve got you know. (June dunks his head then swims in front of him, Leo quickly grabs her leg and stops her) What are you doing, this shark’s mine!

June: Pick another one! There’s plenty. (Slaps him away but he grabs her again)

Leo: (In her face) No you!

June: (In his face) You!

Leo: You!

June: You!

Leo: You! (They turn to see the shark roaring in their faces. They scream and hold each other in fear. Gabriella then jumps on the back of the shark and leads it away from them. She grabs the tip off its back then swims away)

Gabriella: Good luck! (Waves at them)

June: Oh she is good. She jumped the shark and still looks cool.  

Leo: Ok, listen if we fight it will lead to one of us going home, let’s work together to get the tip then we part ways.

June: Deal.

Leo: Ok, I’ll distract the shark while you get the tips.

June: Deal.

(Both swim up to a shark. Leo taunts it and starts swimming away from it while it chases him. June gets on its back and snatches the tips, she jumps from the shark and leads it away from Leo but Leo follows her and aides her in distracting the shark by swimming in a zig-zag pattern and they swim to the shore and meet up with their partners.)

---> Leo: Gotta say that June girl is pretty swift and nimble.
---> Annie: Maybe we could form an alliance?
---> Leo: I’m not signing up to any alliance, that’s just asking to be eliminated.

---> June: I guess Leo’s gonna be our main competition. And he’s kind of hot.
---> Quince: Wow a compliment with no hidden meaning to it, I’m impressed.
---> June: Don’t expect it to often.

(Meanwhile Dwayne approaches the shore.)

Dwayne: Junior! Get a bucket! We need to make a sandcastle!

Don: (standing on the beach) Dwayne is right. In this challenge, teams must make a sand replica of the Palace of Versailles. Sandcastles will be judged by Sandcastle Building Champion, Sandy McCastles. (A little boy with shaggy blond hair, a gap in his tooth, and swimming clothes waves at the camera), probably a fake name (Boy snips at him), approves of it teams will receive a tip that will lead them to their next destination.

(Sanders collapses on the beach with the tip in hand)

MacArthur: About time, my grandmother can dog paddle faster than you.

(More teams like Emma, Tom, and Chet are trying to get the tips and avoid being eaten. Ryan wrestles with his shark.)

---> Emma: I was scared but I’m glad I was the one who had to go in the water. If anything ever happened to Kitty...
---> Kitty: Aww.
---> Emma: We would be instantly eliminated.
---> Kitty: Oh...

Devin: (grabs one) Yeah! Bringing it home alive! (A shark gets up from underneath him) Uh oh! This bites! (He swims away to the shore with his tip in fear.)

(Mary is then seen in the water, two sharks approach her and roar at her but they run away in fear leaving their tips behind. She grabs one)

---> Mary: (She and Ellody hold magnets) No sharks aren’t afraid of me but they are afraid of magnets.
---> Ellody: Technically it’s not fear.
---> Mary: I know that I was being facetious. Charged metals in salt water create a weak electrical field which disrupts the shark’s electro reception censors.
---> Ellody: Oh, let us explain. Salt water is an ionic solution that contains particles with unpaired electrons.
---> Mary: Man I wish we had a dry erase board.

Don: (voice) Speaking of dry can we get back to something more entertaining? (Devin swims away in fear from the shark) Ah, That’s more like it.

(While swimming towards the shore Mary runs into Syd and Aaryn.)

Syd: Oh, did you use magnets to repel the sharks too? (He and Aaryn pull out magnets from their shirts)

Mary: Of course. (Pulls one out of her Victoria’s secret compartment)

Syd: I guess great minds do think alike.

Mary: Likewise. Good luck. (Swims away)

---> Aaryn: Hey man thanks for your help. Because I never would’ve thought of using magnets, you’re a really smart guy.
---> Syd: (lovingly) Really? I mean... You really think so? I mean I hear that from everyone but from you it’s just…. I’ll shut up now (leaves the confessional)
---> Aaryn: (confused) Am I missing something?

Syd: (he and Aaryn are swimming to shore) So I was thinking since working together on the first challenge worked so well maybe we could… (Notices Aaryn has already swum to shore and is reading the travel tip with Yves, they run off to build a castle) Oh, drat. (Swims to shore and meets up with his mom.) Okay it says we need to…

Dani: (hugging Syd intensely) Oh Syd honey, thank god you’re okay!

Syd: (struggling to breathe) Please release grip.

Don: (voice) As some teams are starting challenge 2, the surfers try to finish the 1st one.

Geoff: (looking) I don’t see him anywhere.

Brody: Shark dude could you at least chase me towards the shore? (Shark swims after him)

(Rock enters the water worryingly while Spud listens to music)

---> Rock: I’ll do pretty much anything to win. My parents want me to move out of their basement. If I win I can build my own basement.

Pete: (emerges from the water) Man I’m getting to old for this. (Gerry reads the tip)

Gerry: Let’s move it. (Grabs him by the hand as they start work on the next challenge)

Crimson: (A shark swims up to her and prepares to attack until she stares at him. He gets scared and leaves a tip behind.) Weak.

(Jordan and Sam approach a shark from behind)

Jordan: Ok, you distract it while it get the tips, got it? (Turns to her side and can’t find her brother, when she looks back at the shark she sees Sam is already on it and is riding it like a mechanical bull)

Sam: Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! (Grabs the tips before the shark bucks him off.) Got ‘em!  Let’s swim!

Jordan: Way to go man! (They swim back to shore)

---> Jordan: That’s my brother, always crazy enough to try anything once.
---> Sam: It’s true. Once I was used for an art exhibition which required me to be painted like a Greco Roman statue. It was a lot of fun and I got to be naked in public.

(Sam and Jordan are back at shore and meet up with their partners.)

Jordan: It says we have to build a sandcastle.

Fabian: I know what to do! We need to combine ¾ a bucket of water with 3 buckets of sand if we want to make something moldable.

May: Good to know now let’s get on it. (They run off to start working)

(Teams work on their castles while surf rock plays. Ryan and Stephanie are seen making their sandcastle and making googly eyes at each other. Chet and Lorenzo are throwing sand at each other. Gerry and Pete crack jokes as they make their sandcastle. Dwayne is working hard while Junior watches impressed.)

---> Junior: Gotta say I was really impressed by my dad. He was really going for it.
---> Dwayne: Well building is what men were born to do.

(Kelly emerges from the water)

Taylor: Wow mom that was seriously epic of you. (Takes the tip and reads it)

Kelly: Oh thank you Taylor, that’s one of the sweetest things you’ve… (Notices she left)

Taylor: (running off) Come on! We gotta get castle building. (Kelly follows her closely behind)

Sanders: (she and MacArthur build) Are you sure it needs to be this big?

MacArthur: You want to take a chance and risk losing? Go big or go home!

(Emma overhears this)

Emma: Hear that, go big or go home (She and Kitty continue to build)

(Meanwhile Mary and Ellody are seen writing some sort of equation in the sand)

---> Ellody: We’re scientists. We know how important the planning process is.
---> Mary: Agreed. We’re building a sand castle here, this isn’t kid stuff.

(Annie walks by)

Annie: Oh hey, what are you writing down?

Ellody: We’ll have you know it’s a complex equation so we can determine how large our sand castle needs to be so we can build it without it crumbling.

Annie: Well here let me help you. (Grabs a stick and starts adding to the equation)

Mary: That’s really not necessary, you don’t understand the math at work here. You couldn’t possibly ….. (Gabriella pops in and starts working on it too) What are you doing?

Gabriella: Helping out, you seemed like you needed it.

Ellody: We are more than capable of doing this… (Syd, May, and June all come over and start adding to the equation) Hey! Stop that!

May: Don’t worry, this will be over with quickly.

Mary: No! Listen, while we appreciate the effort you all are going to none of you can possibly calculate how much sand is needed….

June: Done! (The equation is complete)

Syd: You need 373,996 cubic yards.

Mary: (using calculator) The math checks out.

Annie: You’re welcome! (They all leave Mary and Ellody looking dumbfounded)

---> Mary: For the record we could’ve done that by ourselves.
---> Ellody: But on the plus side we can get started sooner.

(Sandy comes over to father/son’s castle but disapproves it.)

Dwayne: No? What do you mean no!? I was making castles long before you were. (He walks away) Hey, I’m still talking to you!

Junior: Come on dad let’s just start over. (They start working again)

Owen: (grabs one) Yes! (Three sharks surround him) Hehehe. Any chance you guys are dolphins?

---> Owen: (He's all beaten up and has bite marks and scratches) I don't think they were dolphins.
---> Noah: (face palms) Really, you don’t say?

(More teams work on their sandcastles. Mother/daughter notice hermit crabs walking away with their castles on their shells. Spud is buried up to his neck in sand while Rock comes to unbury him and they start working. Quince and June are building a large, detailed sand sculpture. The siblings see this and just gasp in awe.)

Miles: (in the water comforting a shark) If we win the money, I’m going to start a charity dedicated to the preservation of these long misunderstood ocean predators. (Grabs the tip from its back, it then roars at her and she swims away screaming.)

Laurie: (to camera) Miles knows how to harness nature's power so she'll be fine. (Hears screaming and turns around to see her partner swimming for her life)

---> Miles: (roughed up) I’m now removing sharks from my preservation list.

(Brody is still trying to get a tip but is swimming and screaming in circles)

Don: (voice) All the teams start work on the 2nd challenge except for the surfers.

(Dwayne and Junior finish their 2nd much smaller castle)

Dwayne: Where’s the judge? (Sandy arrives and inspects their castle. This time he approves of it and presents them with their tip)

Dwayne: (reading) Grab a speedboat then follow the GPS to chill zone at the coast of Genoa.

Don: (stands on the chill zone) This beautiful city on the western coast of Italy is the finish line for this segment of the race, the last team here may be heading home.

(Dwayne and Junior leave to the boats)

Kitty: (notices Father and son's castle) Aww. What a cute little castle. (Emma and the cadets notice this)

MacArthur: It doesn’t have to be big?

Emma: New plan, doesn’t have to be big. (They all start reworking)

(Father/son reach the boats and get in one)

Dwayne: Alright, first place! (Turns the key and prepares to drive but it doesn’t work)

Junior: Let’s just try another one.

Dwayne: Oh come on it can’t be that hard to fix. You just need to adjust the chokey mechanism. (Looks at the engine)

---> Junior: My dad once tried to attach a bell to my bike, by the time he was done the wheels were gone, just gone.
---> Dwayne: It must have been one of those Swedish bells, very tricky.
---> Junior: Sure. (Rolls his eyes)

(They run to another boat)

Dwayne: Can you believe the 1st two boats we picked were busted? (They hop in a new boat)

Junior: You have to turn the key then press the start button.

Dwayne: Must be one of those Swedish boats, okay now let me take the whe…. (Junior drives the boat)

(Brody finally emerges from the water)

Brody: (he falls on the beach with his tip) I made it! (Passes out on the ground)

(Geoff reads the tip)

Geoff: No time to rest man, gotta build a castle.

(Sandy approves of the fashion bloggers castle and they head off to the boats. Further ahead we see the ice dancers and the fashion bloggers racing their boats to the chill zone. We go back to the boats to see Devin and Carrie struggling to start their boat, when it does they drive. Back at the boats Chet and Lorenzo fight for the right to drive)

Chet: I swam with sharks! I should be the one driving!

Lorenzo: No way!

---> Lorenzo: We agreed to switch drivers every twelve seconds but he counts too fast!
---> Chet: Fine! Rock, Paper, Scissors for who gets to drive to the Chillzone?
---> Lorenzo: Fine! (They do so and Lorenzo wins) YEAH! In your face!

Sandy: (gives the thumbs up to Emma/Kitty, MacArthur/Sanders, Kelly/Taylor, Owen/Noah, Laurie/Miles, Leo/Annie, June/Quince, Crimson/Ennui, Ryan/Stephanie, Mary/Ellody, Rock/Spud, Gerry/Pete, Jordan/Fabian, Yves/Aaryn, May/Sam, Dani/Syd, and Gabriella/Nekota. They all go to the boats and drive off)

(Further ahead the motor for Devin/Carrie starts smoking)

Devin: Oh no, we got a problem. I guess we’ll just have to go slow, otherwise the motor will burn out.

Carrie: I hope slow and steady wins this part of the race. (The cadets pass them)

Sanders: You better have a permit to grill on that motor!

Don: With almost all the teams Italy-bound, the first team to arrive has just docked. (Dwayne and Junior reach the Chill Zone) Father and son, you're the first to arrive.

Junior: Sweet!

Don: However, you're getting a twenty minute penalty. (A big 20:00 appears over their heads)

Dwayne: W-what? What'd we do wrong?

Don: You read the travel tip before reuniting with Junior. Now sit back and wait out your penalty (They groan as Josee and Jacques arrive) First place to the Ice Dancers! And today's prize is a 2 week cruise around the Mediterranean. (The Dwaynes seem disappointed. Josee and Jacques send kisses to the camera) Huh, thought you would be going crazy right now.

Josee: Don please, we're professionals.

---> Josee: YESSSSSS! FINALLY! WE BEAT THOSE LOSERS! (Dances in victory)
---> Jacques: (running around) We're the best! We did it! Finally! Champions of the world! (Kisses the camera)

Don: (The bloggers reach the chill zone) Jennifer and Thomas, you’ve reached the chill zone 2nd.

Both: (squee)

Don: However, you're also getting a twenty minute penalty for taking a yacht to the beach instead of the train. (A big 20:00 appears over their heads)

---> Tom: Whatever. We rode on a yacht and partied with a prince.
---> Jen: Don so wishes he was us.

Don: I seriously don’t. (Noah and Owen arrive) Owen and Noah, you're in second place. (They smile. Sanders and MacArthur arrive) Third place to the cadets. (They high five)

(Back at the beach Geoff and Brody finally get their tip)

Brody: Dude! We’re dead last! (They run off in a hurry)

Don: (Father/son penalty expires) Fourth! (Bloggers penalty expires) Fifth! (A plump couple in Hawaiian shirts arrive at the chill zone next) Wait who are you two, you’re not part of the race.

Woman: (mid-western U.S accent) Oh, we’re on tv? (Waves to the camera) Hi ma, hi pa!

Man: (mid-western U.S accent) Say can you tell us where the leaning tower of Pisa is? (pulls out map) We’re kind of lost.

Don: In Pisa, this is Genoa.

Man: Well I never was the best with directions, we’ll get out of your hair now. (They leave)

Don: Okay, don't know what the point of that was.

(The surfers hop into a boat and start driving)

Both: Never say die!

(Further ahead the boat for the Tennis rivals seems to be slowing down)

Gerry: What’s the matter?

Pete: I don’t know but I think there’s something wrong with our boat. Let’s not push it and just drive slowly.

Gerry: I guess 2nd to last is better than last, AGAIN!

Don: (The daters show up) 6th! (The gym rats arrive) 7th! (The anime nerds make it) 8th! (The animaniacs arrive) 9th! (The siblings arrive) 10th place! (Mother and Son arrive) 11th! (Sisters make it) 12th! (Julliard Students arrive) 13th! (The geniuses make it) 14th! (The vegans arrive) 15th! (Models make it) 16th! (Mother and Daughter show up) 17th! (The rockers arrive) 18th! (The goths arrive) 19th! And here comes 20th! (The best friend’s boat finally makes it)

---> Devin: It would’ve really sucked to go home for a faulty motor and not something we did. We’re a great team. (Puts his arm around Carrie’s shoulder)
---> Carrie: (lovingly) Yeah, we are.

(The boat of the surfers also breaks down)

Geoff: No! This can't be happening! Dude, check the motor!

Brody: On it! (He looks at the motor and sees something sparking) Hmm...

---> Brody: I should’ve never let myself get stuck in that shark’s mouth. Now I’m going to be the reason we get eliminated.
---> Geoff: Hey man, we win and lose as a team.

Brody: (touches the motor which shocks him and gets the boat moving) Ughhh.....

Geoff: (focusing on driving) Dude whatever you just did, do it again it worked!

Brody: (hazy) Ok. (He sighs and shocks himself repeatedly causing the boat to move)

(A while later they can see the shore of Genoa)

Geoff: There it is! Come on, were almost done! A few more jolts and were golden! (Brody continues to get shocked)

Don: The chill zone could really use a sofa, I’m just saying. (Notices the surfers) You two take 21st.

Geoff: Yeah man! Woo! (Brody is all shocked out and his hair is standing on end) You okay man? (Touches him but instantly gets shocked too) Oww...

Don: With only one spot left, the Stepbrothers and Tennis rivals race for the final spot!

(The Stepbrothers are ahead of the Tennis rivals whose boat moves slower but Lorenzo and Chet fight for the controls, stalling them.)

Gerry: That’s it! I’m taking control.

Pete: But what about the motor?

Gerry: This is a race for a $1 million! We took the risk coming here so we’re going to risk the engine burning out! (Takes control and the boat speeds up)

Chet: Step on it dweeb! They're catching up on us! (Lorenzo puts the pedal to the medal as the two teams are neck and neck)

Pete: Face it! You two can’t even talk for 10 minutes without fighting. How do you expect to win the million?

Lorenzo: We may not like each other but we do like money! (The teams bump boats until they crash their boats at the end of the docks sending them flying)

Gerry/Pete/Lorenzo/Chet: AUGHHHHHHHH!!!! (They scream as they are thrown in the air)

Don: (to everyone) Move it! (Everyone moves out of the way as smoke from the broken engine covers the dock. One team has landed on the Chill Zone while the other team has overshot it and landed in the water) Which team will stay in this competition? (The smoke clears revealing the Stepbrothers on the Chill Zone) The Stepbrothers make it to twenty-second place! How does it feel?

Lorenzo: (on the floor) Good but painful... (Coughs)

Chet: Yeah more painful. (Groans in pain)

Gerry: (he and Pete climb out of the water and onto the dock) Are we still in?

Don: I'm afraid not. You're the last team to arrive. You're out of the competition. Safe travels.

(They leave dejectedly)

=== Best of Gerry and Pete === (Various slideshows of the Tennis Rival’s best moments from the Ridonculous are shown on the screen.)

Pete: (voice) Well that was a huge waste.

Gerry: (voice) Not entirely, we got to do plenty of things most people our age wouldn’t even attempt, and we did place ahead of two teams younger than us so that’s gotta count for something.

Pete: (voice) Yeah, I guess you’re right. Who knows maybe we’ll get some new sponsor ship deals out of this. Anyone need a spokesman for those walk in showers?

Both: Call his agent! (They walk down the dock as the sun sets with their arms around each other and laughing)

That ends our day at the coast and boy was it a beach.

You may wonder what was the point in keeping Gerry and Pete around if was i only going to eliminate them in the next episode. Well i just wanted them to place a little higher in the competition, not that higher just a little higher. I didn't really have too many other story ideas for them anyway. For everyone else, I spared the genius so they'll be sticking around. I've also started a romantic plot, see if you can spot it. 
Next episode marks something very special, my first fanon episode and i'm so excited for you all to read it.

Next Chapter:
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Team Placements:

 Jacques & Josee (1st Place) 
 Owen & Noah (2nd Place)
 MacArthur & Sanders (3rd Place)
 Dwayne  & Junior (4th Place)
 Tom & Jen (5th Place)
 Ryan & Stephanie (6th Place)
 Gabriella & Nekota  (7th Place)
 Sam & May (8th Place)
 Jordan & Fabian (9th Place)
 Leo & Annie (10th Place) 
 Dani & Syd (11th Place)
 Emma & Kitty (12th Place)
 June  & Quince (13th Place)
 Mary & Ellody (14th Place)
 Laurie & Miles (15th Place)
 Aaryn & Yves (16th Place)
 Kelly & Taylor (17th Place)
 Rock  & Spud (18th Place)
 Crimson & Ennui (19th Place)
 Devin & Carrie (20th Place)
 Geoff & Brody (21st Place)
 Chet & Lorenzo (22nd Place)

Gerry & Pete (23rd) 
Jay & Mickey (24th) 
Leonard & Tammy (25th) 

Next Episode: Venice

Comment on what you like and what you think, enjoy! 
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