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Don: Last time on the Ridonculous Race, twenty-five teams started a race around the world. After a lot of running, waiting, even more running, confronting fear, and pushing themselves further than I thought possible, everyone reached the airport and booked themselves on three different flights to Morocco. Flight number one with eight teams aboard already departed. The next eight teams are on flight number two, which is about to take off. Meanwhile, the last nine teams on flight number three which will not be departing for another thirty minutes. Will one of these teams suffer the ultimate reality show humiliation and get kicked off first? Time to find out! THIS IS THE RIDONCULOUS RACE! (Smiles which flashes into the camera)

(Intro begins)

Don: (voice) Sixteen teams are already on their way to Morocco. Nine are still waiting at the airport for the next flight.

(The scene changes to the airport where the nine teams are waiting at the airport.)

Mickey: (holds up hand sanitizer) Sanitizer?

Jay: No need. (He holds his hand up showing he's wearing kitchen gloves) I made it a personal goal to not touch anything while we’re here.

Leonard: (he and Tammy appear out of nowhere startling them) Greeting and salutations gentlemen! What say you to an algamation of adversaries? A weaving of wizards and doppelgängers to rule them all! (They sit there confused)

Tammy: We want to form an alliance. (She throws confetti in their faces)

Jay: (freaks out) AUGHHHH! I'm allergic to confetti! (Runs away)

Mickey: Jay! Your calamine lotion! (Runs after him)

Leonard: Guess that's a no from them. (They walk off)

Chet: (he's talking on the phone) Your plan won't work, mom! We're not going to become friends! Lorenzo's a poo-head, that's why! Can't you just divorce his dad?!

Lorenzo: (appears) Is that my dad?

Chet: No, it’s my mom!

Lorenzo: (steals the phone) DAD!! YOU GOTTA DIVORCE CHET’S MOMMMM!! (Chet tackles Lorenzo and they begin fighting on the ground)

(Laurie and Miles meditate)

---> Laurie: We may currently be in one of the last spots but we're not worried. Thinking on the negative side will only cause negative things to happen.
---> Miles: When you’re feeling down the only place you can look is up, we can only hope we can spread good vibrations to the rest of the competition, cause I think a lot of them really need it.

(June is seen pacing around unhappily)

June: I can’t believe we’re on the last flight! This is inexcusable!

Quince: Well tickets for flight 2 sold out like hotcakes and besides we’re not out yet, remember the tale of the tortoise and the hare.

June: I’ll believe that when I see it, when we land in Morocco, we move like the wind, got it? (Quince nods)

(Crimson and Ennui sit emotionless, then Leonard and Tammy approach them from behind)

Leonard: Salutations! We would like to propose an unstoppable unity of alchemy and alabaster to vanquish those who cross us!

Tammy: Do you accept our offer? (Throws confetti in the air)

Leonard: Surely you will not say nay?

(Crimson and Ennui leave)

---> Leonard: Hey Tammy, go easy on the confetti. We only have the one bag. (She throws more confetti) Anyway, Tammy and I met in the ninth grade and we were extremely close immediately.
---> Tammy: We were stuffed into the same locker together.
---> Leonard: And a friendship was formed as we calmly ate our lunches and waited for the janitor to locate the volt cutters.
---> Tammy: (sighs) Good times.

Don: (voice) Morocco, originally named Italy until it was discovered there already was an Italy. Home to scorchingly hot foods as well as scorchingly hot deserts. Flight number one has just landed while the other two flights are in the air.

(Flight number one has landed at the airport)

Don: (stands in front of the airport) The teams must find the Don Box to get their next tip. (Walks to the next tip far off as the teams arrive)

(Josee/Jacques, Gabriella/Nekota, Devin/Carrie, MacArthur/Sanders, Annie/Leo, Owen/Noah, Emma/Kitty, and Dwayne/Junior arrive and get their tip from the Don Box)

Jacques: The Spice is Right?

Carrie: It's an All In!

(Don is now standing at a spice Kiosk with a Moroccan man)

Don: An All In requires both team members to compete in the challenge. In this case, teams must make their way here to Youseff's Spice Kiosk and pick out five spices from the bountiful array. Some are (Tries to touch the spices but Youseff stops him) OWW! (Youseff glares at him, he glares back at him and continues) Some are sweet but some are so blisteringly hot they'll turn your stomach into a volcano of pain!

(Back to the airport with team teams from the first flight)

Emma: It says to pick out five spices from the kiosk. Ideally, Cumin...

Jacques: (continues) Cinnamon...

Sanders: (continues) Paprika...

Annie: (continues) Saffron...

Dwayne: (continues) and Ginger...

Owen: (continues) to continue to your next travel destination. (All the other teams rush for a taxi running over Owen and Noah) AUGHHHH!

Leo: Taxi! (He and Annie get in)

Josee: Taxi! (She and Jacques get inside)

MacArthur: Taxi! (She and Sanders get in as all the teams get in their taxis and take off)

Noah: (he and Noah weakly get up) T-taxi? (They enter one)

Owen: Thank you! (They take off)

Dwayne: (in the taxi with Junior) Hehe, see that? First into a taxi and heading down to spice town! (Hugs Junior) We're doing great pal! Yeah!

Junior: (rolls his eyes and sighs)

---> Dwayne: I'm Dwayne and this is Dwayne Jr.
---> Junior: They know that dad.
---> Dwayne: We're a father and son team.
---> Junior: They know that too, dad.
---> Dwayne: Well, we're going to win this thing. Bet they didn't know that huh? Newsflash! (Makes typewriting noises and brings his son closer to him) Father and son team win the million! And the crowd goes CRAZYYY!!!!!! (Raises his arms up) AHHHH! AHHHHH!
---> Junior: (groans) Dad...... Please stop.

Owen: (he and Noah are in the taxi) Even after Total Drama World Tour, I'm still kinda scared of flying. So, (he pulls out a teddy bear) His name is Beary. (Giggles) Get it?

Noah: (deadpan) Because he's a bear?

Owen: Yeah! (Chuckles) He keeps me calm when I fly. Noah doesn't like him but he like Noah. (Pushes Barry onto Noah's face and does a cutesy voice) Yes I do! (Continues to hit Noah's face with Beary)

Noah: (not even moving) Please, just stop...

(The camera shows us flight number two)

Don: (voice) Flight number two prepares for a tough heated battle on the ground.

Jen: I’d look so good in that. (She reads a magazine but stops when Tom keeps snoring and puts an oxygen mask on him to silence his snoring) There, better. (Continues to read)

Rock: (he and Spud sit while eating sandwiches) Spud and I have never been on a plane before. Not scared though. I've seen tons of movies with planes in them.

Spud: Oh yeah! I love that cartoon! (The plane suddenly experiences turbulence) WHAT IS GOIN ON?!

May: That’s just turbulence, it’s just an unsteady movement of the air. It’s perfectly natural to happen at this altitude, doesn’t mean we’re in any real danger.

Spud: Oh. Okay. (Goes back to eating)

(May looks over her seat to talk to Fabian and Jordan)

May: Hey, you two want to form an alliance?

Fabian: I thought you said those are reality TV poison.

May: With others maybe but not with me.

Jordan: Among close friends makes sense but I still don’t know.

Sam: How about if the other team in the alliance wins, the losing team gets half of the prize?

Fabian: Good, but what if comes down to the two of us in the finals?

May: Well then at that point we make it a free for all, but until then we stick together. Capiche?

Fabian/Jordan/Sam: Sure

---> Jordan: You still think this is a good choice? May’s just as determined to win this money as us.
---> Fabian: I know that but still, she’s smart and cunning. Come on, you know May well and she’s practically a sister to me. Well another sister, I already have 5. She wouldn’t do this for underhanded purposes, she’s our friend.
---> Jordan: Fine but we’ll only call on her when we need her help, I want to win this because we were the best, not because we freeloaded our way to the top, got it? (Fabian nods in agreement)

Ryan: (to Stephanie) I'm so excited to go to Morocco with you! Our first trip together!

Stephanie: I know! This trip will only strengthen our love for each other! (They begin to make out.)

Yves (rolling her eyes): Yeah, that’s certainly not going to get annoying. (Reads magazine)

=== Youseef's Kiosk === (A Moroccan man is seen with a little kiosk off the side of the road. There are different types of bowls with spices in them. Some taxis have reached the kiosk.)

Don: (voice) Most of the teams from flight one have started to reach the spice kiosk.

(Josee/Jacques, Carrie/Devin, Owen/Noah, Emma/Kitty, MacArthur/Sanders, Dwayne/Junior, Nekota/Gabriella and Leo/Annie arrive.)

MacArthur: Hey! These aren't labeled.

Gabriella: Wait! Yes there are. (There are labels but they’re in Moroccan)

Noah: (sarcastically) Great. Does anyone here read Moroccan?

Annie: Can’t say I do.

Carrie: (Looks around and points at one) Ooh! This one’s cinnamon! This one’s cinnamon!

---> Devin: (imitating Carrie) Cinnamon! Cinnamon! Cinnamon!
---> Carrie: (playfully pushes him and they laugh) You totally would have missed it, homie.
---> Devin: We call each other homie. And as if I would have missed it.
---> Carrie: I'm the one who lives for cinnamon lattes.
---> Devin: Yeah, which you constantly spill on me.
---> Carrie: Fair enough, I'll never judge your ability to detect cinnamon again.

Leo (overlooking the spices): Ok do we have any strategy here? (Notices Annie already has all five spices) Wow that was quick, did you even check?

Annie: When would I ever screw up seasoning?

Leo: First time for everything.

Annie: Leo just have faith and maybe one day (sing song) the things that you need most shall be bestowed upon you.

Gabriella: You’re like something out of a hallmark card.

Annie: My guidance counselor said the same thing.

Kitty: (she and Emma already have four spices) I think this one’s Ginger.

Emma: (stops her) We're here for perfection, not guesses. (Thinks and points to one) We'll take that one. (Youseff scoops)

Kitty: So you can take a guess but I can't?

Emma: Mine was an educated guess.

Jacques: (he and Josee have chosen their spices) That's five! (They receive their bag of spices from Youseff with a tip attached)

Don: (voice) After selecting five spices, the teams will get their next travel tip from Youseff.

Jacques: It says we need to ride to a restaurant in the desert...

Devin: That doesn't seem that bad.

Jacques: (continues) On a camel!

(The camera shows a bunch of camels for the contestants. They are chewing, spitting, and filthy.)

Sanders: (reads and nearly hurls) That's disgusting.

(Josee/Jacques, Carrie/Devin, Annie/Leo, Gabriella/Nekota, MacArthur/Sanders, and Emma/Kitty run for the camels. Owen and Noah and Dwayne and Junior are still trying to pick.)

Sanders: (to Youseff) Is there a restaurant around here? (Gets in his face) A RESTAURANT! WE LOOKING FOR PLACE TO EAT... (Is moved away by MacArthur) WHOA!

MacArthur: Easy, Sanders. He's not deaf. He just speaks another language. (To Youseff) Sorry about that. (Youseff smiles until MacArthur gets in his face) I AM SORRY! APOLOGIZIO! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?! (Sanders rolls her eyes and they head for the camels)

(The six teams in the lead are riding the camels in the desert. It is incredibly hot and they are all sweating and tired.)

Carrie: (Devin is leaning on top of Carrie where she covers his nose) Man, these camels stink.

MacArthur: (smells her armpits) Ughhh. (Looks around) S-she's right! I-It's the camels!

(The camera goes back to the airport where the teams from the second flight exit from the airport)

Don: (voice) As many of the teams from the first flight make it to the restaurant, teams from the second flight have just landed in Morocco.

(Tom/Jen, Stephanie/Ryan, Fabian/Jordan, Kelly/Taylor, Yves/Aaryn, May/Sam, & Ellody/Mary arrive at the Don Box and get their tip. They read the tip and all of them head to the taxis and drive off.)

Taylor: (running after the taxis) TAXI! Hurry up mom!

Kelly: (running after her daughter) I'm coming Taylor! (They get in a taxi and head off)

(Inside the taxi carrying Ryan and Stephanie)

Stephanie: The plan is to let me analyze the spices. I eat them all the time at restaurants.

Ryan: I love that you do that.

Stephanie: And I love that you love that about me. (They start making out)

(The camera now shows the third flight which is in the air)

Don: (voice) Meanwhile, flight number three is already in the air and about to land soon.

(Brody and Geoff are shown throwing pretzels into Gerry and Pete who are asleep. Laurie and Miles meditate in their chairs while Leonard and Tammy practice spells. Crimson and Ennui sit emotionlessly. Lorenzo and Chet fight in their seats. Dani and Syd look at them confused. June does yoga while Quince reads, Jay and Mickey are sitting normally until luggage falls on top of them)

(Back at Youseff's kiosk, Owen/Noah and Dwayne/Junior are still trying to pick.)

Owen: Ummmm..... I uhhhhhh.... hmmmmm......

---> Owen: Picking spices wasn't easy, but I didn't panic. (Crosses his arms confidently)

Owen: (freaks out) WHY DO YOU ALL LOOK THE SAME?! AUGHHHHH! (Runs away)

---> Noah: (sarcastically) Yeah, you were as cool as a cucumber. (Owen frowns)

(Dwayne also seems confused about which spices to pick)

Dwayne: Uhhh..

---> Dwayne: It’s not a man’s job to know spices, in the ancient times men we’re the hunters and women we’re the spice collectors. Yes those we’re the days when man had the power and… (Junior cuts him off)
---> Junior: You know mom is going to see this right? (Dwayne realizes what he said was true)
---> Dwayne: And things have changed for the better.

(Fabian and Jordan arrive along with Aaryn and Yves and Tom and Jen. All 3 teams start picking spices)

Owen: Oh no! The other teams are here! We're going to lose our lead!

Noah: Let's do this quickly. (To Youseff) Just give us the five closest to you. (Youseff raises an eyebrow) Come on man! Snap to it! My teammate will eat anything. I once saw him chow down on half a shower curtain.

Owen (sheepishly): There were pictures of cupcakes on it

Junior: Good thinking. Give us the 5 closets to you too.

(Youseff gives them the bags and they all run to the camels. Other teams exit their taxis.)

---> Ellody: We predicted there was an eating element in the next challenge.
---> Mary: So picking the right spices is of the upmost importance.

May/Ellody: (they point at the same spices while picking) Cumin, Cinnamon, Paprika, Saffron, and Ginger! (They turn to each other)

Ellody: That was surprisingly elementary.

May: Likewise. May. (Offers handshake)

Ellody: Ellody: (shakes her hand)

Mary: Mary. (Shakes her hand)

Fabian: And I’m leaving. (He and Jordan have their spices)

Ellody: Hello Leaving. (Laughs a little)

May: Right, bye. (Grabs the bag and she Sam and Fabian/Jordan run to the camels. Ellody and Mary do so as well.)

Yves: (Inhales deeply) Ok there’s cumin, give it to us. (Youseff gives scoops it and gives the models their last bag) Une grande partie oblige. Let's go! (They leave for the camels)

(More teams reach the kiosk as flight number three lands where they receive their tips and head to the kiosk)

Don: (voice) As more teams reach Youseff's kiosk, flight number three has finally landed in Morocco. They'll need to hurry if they plan to catch up to the teams that are already looking for the restaurant.

(In the desert, Fabian/Jordan, Owen/Noah, Dwayne/Junior, Aaryn/Yves, Ellody/Mary, May/Sam, and Tom/Jen go through the desert)

Dwayne: (is making the camel go faster) Hiya! Hiya! Faster boy! Hiya! (The camel is foaming from the mouth)

Junior: Dad, I think the camel is going to pass out!

Dwayne: Not to worry son. Camels are tireless! (Slaps the camel until it finally passes out.) Oh great. We got a broken one. (Junior glares)

Stephanie: (she's choosing) Hmmmm....... Wait this one’s cumin (Youssef goes to scoop it) yes, uh, no! (he stops) no wait, yes! (he goes to scoop it again) no! (he stops , looking confused) yes! Scoop it! (Youssef scoops it then hands it to her) Thank you. (She and Ryan get ready to leave)

Jay: (he and Mickey arrive where he sniffs a bowl) Is this cinnamon? (He begins sneezing like crazy) AHHHH!!

Mickey: (the two are covered in a cloud of spice) OH NO! (Begins coughing) HELP! (The two pass out)

---> Jay: Apparently we can't breathe cinnamon.

(Leonard and Tammy arrive next)

Leonard: (to Youseff) Do accept dragon coins as payment? (Holds up a bunch of gold coins)

---> Leonard: We lost some time because the cab driver wouldn’t accept our dragon coins as payment.
---> Tammy: But he’ll rue that choice once our dragon ruler takes the thrown.
---> Leonard: Oh, he will so rue it. (Laughs mischievously)

June (pointing): Cumin, ginger, cinnamon, paprika, saffron.

Quince (with stop watch): 1.5 seconds, impressive.

June: Was there ever any doubt? Let’s go! We have to make up for lost time! (Grabs him and they head to the camels)

(Laurie and Miles are walking with their camel instead of riding it)

---> Laurie: Our camel, Banefred, was beautiful and deserts are really hot. If we win the million, we're launching a stop riding camels campaign.
---> Miles: "Take Hikes, Not Humps!"
---> Laurie: Or we can call it something else.

=== Restaurant === (There is a small kiosk with a cook and a cooking station. There's a Don Box there too.)

Don: (voice) Things are heating up as the Cadets reach the restaurant first.

Sanders: There's the Don Box! (She hops off and gets the tip. MacArthur passes out and falls on the ground.)

MacArthur: (groans) I can't take this heat. Can someone turn off the sun?

Sanders: (reads the tip) It's a Botch or Watch. (MacArthur joins her as Josee/Jacques, Leo/Annie, and Carrie/Devin arrive as well)

Josee: Just Stew It?

MacArthur: A Botch or Watch? That's where one of us does the challenge right?

Annie: (gives her bag of spices to the chef) Give your spices to the chef so he can stir them into a bowl of Moroccan stew which one of you must eat.

MacArthur: (groans) I hope we picked the right spices or this can get messy fast.

Carrie: (reads) When you finish your stew, run on foot to the chill zone fast because...

(The Chill Zone, where Don stands)

Don: (continues) The last team here will be eliminated from the competition.

MacArthur: (they receive their stews) You need to do it. I'm sweating more than a perp being questioned in a sauna.

Josee: (talking to a rabbits foot) Come on Bun-Bun, don't let me down.

---> Josee: I'm not superstitious at all. I just believe that this rabbit's foot is the sole reason for everything good in my life.
---> Jacques: Can I touch it? (Reaches to touch it)
---> Josee: (laughs) Of course you can't! (Smacks his hand away)
---> Jacques: OWWWW!

Dwayne: (He pulls the camel slowly) Hehe, see buddy? We're getting there.

Junior: Uh dad? (Leonard/Tammy pass them)

Leonard: I don’t mean to overstep things but it’s a lot easier if you ride the camel.

Dwayne: Well thank you for that insight!

Tammy: You’re welcome.

Dwayne: Not to worry! We got this. (He pulls their camel slowly but surely)

Junior: (groans while Laurie and Miles pass with their camel)

Miles: (sees Dwayne and Junior with their camel) See? I think our campaign is already starting to spread. (Sees Leonard and Tammy with their camel) Take Hikes, Not Humps!

Laurie: You know what? That slogan is really starting to grow on me.

---> Laurie: I met Miles at an anti-meat rally. When she suggested we call them “ings” instead of “meetings” I knew we we’re going to get along.

(More teams have now arrived at the restaurant and are beginning the stew contest)

---> Carrie: (she stares at Devin and he slurps the stew) Oh Devin..... (Turns to the camera and blushes) Um t-that was ummm..... (Sighs lovingly) Okay I love him! I've loved him since we were four years old and he urinated in my turtle pool. (Pauses) I mean that's not why I love him but that's when it started. After all this time, what do I tell him? What if he doesn't feel the same way? He already has a girlfriend, (spitefully) Shelly! (Pauses) Who will see this on TV. (Face palms) God, what am I doing?

Devin: (finishes) Yeah! Finished! (Carrie hugs him)

Carrie: (laughs) Excellent! Let's go homie! (The run into the desert to find the Chill Zone)

Rock: (he and Spud reach the restaurant) Rock n Roll!

Gerry: (his and Pete’s camel comes in running then stop abruptly which and sends them flying into the sand) AUGHHHHHH!!!

Syd: Finally we’re here. (He and Dani get off their camel)

(The goths get off their camel calmly and stoically)

Aaryn: (to Yves) It’s only fair that since you chose the spices, I should be the one to eat it.

Yves: (smiles) Thanks man! (Gives their spices to the chef) Get ready cause this is gonna taste so good!

Aaryn: I’ll take your word on it.

Gabriella (determined look on her face): Give me that. (Takes the stew from Nekota and starts slurping)

---> Gabriella: Its times like these were you need to go all in to win.
---> Nekota: That’s my girl, that’s what I like to hear!

(Jordan and Fabian look at their stew)

Jordan: You want to eat it or should I?

Fabian: I’m not particularly hungry right now.

Jordan: Ok, I’ll do it this time but you do the next one ok?

Fabian: Yes. (She starts eating)

(Dwayne and Junior finally arrive at the restaurant with their camel, Dwayne collapses out of exhaustion while Junior goes to read the tip)

Junior: No time to rest dad you gotta eat some stew.

Dwayne: (Panting) Sure just give me a minute to catch my breath.

(Annie prepares to eat the stew but is stopped by Leo)

Leo: Oh no, you’re not eating this.

Annie: Come on you know I can chow down.

Leo (takes the stew from her hands): Sorry, can’t risk you suffering a total spice meltdown.

Annie: I’m fairly certain we picked the right spices.

Leo: Fairly certain isn’t gonna cut it, now just sit there while I tackle this.

Annie: Fine. (Sits dejected while Leo begins eating, Quince comes up to her)

Quince: Your partner making themselves the leader too?

Annie Yep.

Quince: Yeah, I know that feeling too. (June is eating her team’s stew)

(Sanders sips her stew carefully and slowly then wipes her mouth after each sip. MacArthur sees this and becomes impatient)

MacArthur: What’s taking you so long?

Sanders: This is how civilized people eat.

MacArthur: This ain’t a tea party, it’s a race for a million dollars, chug faster! (Holds the bowl at a higher angle forcing her to chug) Freeze! I mean Done! (Holds it up, then notices her messy face);Here, let me get that for you princess. (Wipes her face with a napkin) There, good as new.

Jacques: (gasps as Josee eats the stew majestically and gracefully) A wonderful performance of grace and efficiency! (She finishes) Bravo!

Leo: Done. (Raises bowl)

Annie: Nice! Come on let’s go. (They leave along with the ice dancers and the cadets)

(Out in the desert the best friends are seen running)

Carrie: Do you know where we are?

Devin: Not exactly..... (The camera zooms out showing they are in the middle of the nowhere)

Carrie: We’re lost?!

(Back at the restaurant, everyone else has arrived. Crimson, Pete, Spud, Jay, Chet, Tom, Gabriella, Dwayne, Miles, Brody, Mary, Jordan, Sam, Kelly, Emma, Aaryn, June, Leonard, Syd, Ryan, and Owen are eating the stew.)

Dani: You doing okay sweetie?

Syd: Fine mom. (Goes back to drinking)

Stephanie: (hugging Ryan as he chugs) C'mon baby! Show that stew who's boss!

Geoff: (Ellody watch as their partners chug) When I first met Brody, he was eating a cat's hairball on a dare. (Laughs) It was pure awesomeness.

Ellody: I met Mary at an engineering student’s potluck dinner. We both brought pie chart pie. (Chuckles) We're quite the whimsical duo.

Geoff: (laughs) Pies. Yum.

Fabian: (approaches them) I met May all the way back in Preschool. It’s a day I’ll never forget.

---> Fabian: One warm day in September some of the other boys dared me to scare her by giving her a lizard in a box. I didn’t want to hurt May or the lizard but back then I was too much of spineless fool to stand up for myself.

---> May: So I’m sitting there reading “Tintin: Prisoners of the sun” and this guy approaches me saying “I got you a present”. I open the box and there’s a live lizard inside.

---> Fabian: They probably imagined she would freak-out but she loved it, then she hugged me, then I told her it was their idea and she went to go hug them and scared them all off.

---> May: Then the lizard wiggles free and its tail breaks off in my hand.

---> Fabian: Then I told her I saw something similar happen on a show called extreme animal countdown. So when it was time for us to go home I asked her mom if she could come to my house and watch it with me, and that day at 4 changed the course of both of our lives forever.

---> May: We watched our first TV show together: Extreme animal countdown “appendages”, then we watched the first episode of the show “speed freaks”, then I stayed for dinner and when my mom came to come pick me up I told her I wanted to come back again and again and again.

---> Fabian: That was the beginning of our friendship and besides middle school we’ve stuck by each other ever since.

---> May: I still have the tail from that day. (Pulls out necklace with the skeletal remains of the tail from her shirt) And I never take it off.

Owen: (his face is red from the stew) HOT! HOT! (Pants a bit) I THINK YOU PICKED THE WRONG SPICES!!

Noah: Come on! I've seen you eat, you're as picky as a raccoon.

Emma: (slurping the stew) UGH!

Kitty: (cheers her on) Come on Emma! You can do it!

---> Emma: We chose some of the wrong spices. It tasted kind of bitter.
---> Kitty: You chose all of them. (Emma glares at her) Which is good because I was just going to guess. (Laughs nervously)

Tom: (he's eating the stew while wearing a napkin on his neck) You sure I'm not getting my shirt messy?

Jen: (smiles) Positive!

May (pouring the stew down a funnel and into a tube which is in Sam’s mouth): You holding up ok? (Sam nods yes)

Gabriella: Done! (she and Nekota leave) Let’s run!

Lorenzo: (Chet is slurping but he still glares) Man you're so stupid! I hate the way you eat! (Chet spits some stew on Lorenzo) Hey! Focus on the challenge you dweeb! (Chet slurps again) I hate the way you slurp! (Chet still continues to slurp)

(Out in the desert the three teams are running until MacArthur notices Sanders clutching her stomach)

Sanders: (can't run anymore) Ugh.... can’t go on I think I got a stew cramp.

MacArthur: No man left behind.

Sanders: I'm a woman. (Is grabbed and carried by MacArthur) Whoa!

(Further ahead the best friends are running until Carrie trips over a rock)

Devin: You okay homie?

Carrie: Yeah. (Tries to get up but can’t) Think I sprained my ankle though.

Devin: Here. (Carries her on his shoulders)

Carrie: Thanks!

---> Devin: You know it would be akward for most teams to be so close together, but me and Carrie? We’re so close it’s like whatever.
---> Carrie: (laughs briefly) Yeah, whatever! (Laughs again) Friends!

Owen: I NEED WATER!! (Rushes to a camel and starts drinking the saliva from its mouth)

Jordan (disgusted): I can’t eat and watch this!

(Fabian simply turns her away from the spectacle)

Jordan: Oh, that’s better. (resumes eating)

Noah: (goes wide eyed when he sees what Owen is doing) OWEN! STOP THAT! YOU DONT KNOW WHERE THAT’S BEEN! (After he finishes, Owen and Noah run into the desert)

Chet: (sees this and nearly pukes)

Lorenzo: (glares) Do not spit that out Chet or we'll lose!

---> Lorenzo: My dad is a motivational speaker and has taught me everything there is to know. It's all about being calm and rational.


Chet: (complies and swallows his puke) Wow, my puke is less spicy than the stew. (They run to the Chill Zone after everyone heard that)

Crimson: (nearly hurls)

Spud: (nearly hurls)

Pete: (nearly hurls)

Emma: (nearly hurls)

Jay: (nearly hurls)

Everyone: (everyone eating the stew nearly barfs)

Dwayne: Done! (Suddenly his eyes cross) Junior?

Junior: Yeah?

Dwayne: I can’t see!

Junior: What?!

---> Junior: How does stew make someone go blind?
---> Dwayne: (cross eyed) Relax, I’m sure it's only temporary. I'll be fine soon, but I need you to be my eyes and guide me
---> Junior (annoyed): fine.

Junior (grabbing his father’s hand): Come on let’s go!

(Out in the desert)

Sanders: (is being carried by MacArthur) Owwww my stomach is killing me!

MacArthur: Suck it up! We’re almost there. (The other 2 teams are behind them)

(Devin is still carrying Carrie on his shoulders till they see two palm trees and run right through them to the chill zone)

Don: Congratulations Best Friends! You have arrived first! (They both cheer)

Devin: (laughs) We did it! (Looks at Carrie) Man… I wish I could call Shelly

Carrie: Yeah, Shelly...

Don: And for coming in first place you get an all-expenses paid meal at an authentic Moroccan restaurant.

Best Friends: Yum!

---> Devin: First place was kind of a shock to us I mean… I knew we’d be great but-
---> Carrie: First Place?! In the first episode?! Wow!

(MacArthur sees the chill zone in her sights and looks behind her to see the ice dancers steadily catching up. She runs faster and then jumps and lands right in the center of the chill zone.)

Don: Hey, who called the cops? (laughs) you’re team number two.  (MacArthur cheers as she drops Sanders, Sanders gets up when Josee and Jacques show up) As Canadian ice skaters, you probably hear this a lot.

Josee: (gasps) Third place?!

---> Josee: (she is seen off-screen throwing various objects in rage including knifes while Jacques cowers in fear) AUGHHHHHH!!!!

Don: (Leo and Annie arrive) And the Siblings take fourth.

Annie: Yay 4th place! (Claps)

Don: Well someone’s a glass half full type of person.

---> Annie: It’s still so surreal that we’re here on the show to begin with, and now we’re in 4th place! (Claps) Yay!
---> Leo: Yeah it’s great that we’re not the 1st team eliminated. But you know what’s even better than 4th place? 1st place, OK get that in your mindset cause I wanna win, a lot.

(Back at the restaurant)

Brody: Done! (He and Geoff run)

Jordan: Done! (She and Fabian run)

Aaryn: Done! (He and Yves run)

Sam: Done! (He and May run)

June: Done! (She and Quince run)

Syd: Done! (He and Dani run)

Ryan: Done! (He and Stephanie run)

Crimson: Done. (She and Ennui run along with Gerry/Pete & Ellody/Mary)

Taylor: My mom's done! (She runs with Kelly running slowly behind her with Emma/Kitty, Tom/Jen, Jay/Mickey, & Rock/Spud following)

(Father/son are still running through the desert and notice the other teams passing them so they run faster)

---> Junior: I kind of don’t wanna be here but now that I am I certainly don’t wanna be the first one sent home.

Don (voice): As more and more teams finish the restaurant challenge, the race for not last place heats up.

(Leonard/Tammy and Laurie/Miles are the only ones left but they quickly finish and leave)

Tammy: (Tosses confetti into the air) Level competed!

Leonard: Onward to victory!

Don: And here come some more teams! (Gabriella and Nekota Appear) Fifth! (Gerry and Pete appear) Sixth! (Owen and Noah appear) Seventh! (Ryan and Stephanie appear) Eighth! (Sam and May appear) Ninth! (Fabian and Jordan Appear) Tenth! (Geoff and Brody appear) Eleventh! (Jay and Mickey arrive) Twelfth! (Emma and Kitty appear) Thirteenth!

Emma: (gasps) Thirteenth?! You’ve got to start doing more.

Kitty: I’d love to do more.

Emma: Not until I say so. (They move aside)

Don: (June and Quince appear) Fourteenth! (Ellody and Mary appear) Fifteenth! (Tom and Jen arrive) Sixteenth! (Yves and Aaryn arrive) Seventeenth! ( Syd and Dani appear) Eighteenth! (Kelly and Taylor appear) Nineteenth! (Crimson and Ennui appear) Twentieth! (Lorenzo and Chet appear) Twenty First! (Rock and Spud show up) Twenty second!

Don: (voice) This leaves the LARPers, the Vegans and Father/son desperately running for the last spot in the race!

(Leonard and Tammy run to reach the Chill Zone but stop with a mischievous look on their faces)

---> Tammy: They were catching up so fast.
---> Leonard: We were left with no choice. In order to maintain our lead we needed to use magic!

Tammy: (she and Leonard bring out a staff and flute) SONG OF SLUMBER! (Plays the flute)

Leonard: (wielding his staff) CHAOS BARRIER! (Lightning flashes around them)

(The other two teams LITERALLY pass Leonard and Tammy)

Leonard: (shakes staff) I think we may be experiencing a magical interference.

Tammy: Run! (They stop what they’re doing and continue running)

Don: The Vegans come in at Twenty Third (They cheer)

---> Laurie: We stuck to our principles and we didn’t lose.
---> Miles: I guess nice guys finish almost last.

Don: And at Twenty Fourth is… Father and Son. (Junior let’s go of Dwayne’s hand and he continues running until he crashes into a tree) You weren’t going to stop your dad?

Junior: I just need some alone time.

---> Dwayne: (Still cross eyed) Twenty Fourth?! We can definitely do better than that. I got it, let’s stay up all night and discuss strategy.
---> Junior (sarcastically): Great

---> Quince: See we didn’t get eliminated. You were worried for nothing.
---> June: Well we still didn’t get 1st, next time we will place in the winner’s circle.

---> Sam: Man the 1st challenge is over already? That was a cake walk. I wanna do more.
---> May: Me too, whatever the situation demands I know we’ll both rise to the occasion.

---> Fabian: (rubs feet) 1st challenge is over and my feet are already aching. This won’t be easy.
---> Jordan: Hey if it was easy it wouldn’t be worth $1 million, now rest tonight. Because tomorrow, things will probably be even crazier.

Don: (Leonard and Tammy finally arrive) The Ridonculous Race is about skill. It's about determination. It's not about magic. You're done. Now Leave!

Tammy (throwing confetti into the air): Time reversal spell!

Don: Security!

Leonard: Come on Tammy we know when we’re licked. (They walk off)

=== Best of Leonard and Tammy === (We are shown flashbacks about Leonard and Tammy's time on the Ridonculous Race)

Tammy: (voice) I definitely think we could have done better.

Leonard: (voice) I got to do a lot of things I never wanted to try so that's something.

Tammy: (voice) I'm glad we did this together. We’ll always have the memories!

Leonard: (voice) Totally! It was so magical! (They are seen walking through the desert with a camel as the sun sets) I still can't believe they're making us walk all the way home though. (He and Tammy walk through the desert together)

And here's chapter # 2.

Surprise, surprise I eliminated Leonard and Tammy 1st, it's not like i had any other plans for them. One thing I accomplished this episode is laying down some of the character dynamics and plots that will run throughout the season. Another thing I included was more prizes for coming in 1st. I also think i helped lay out some more foundation for my oc's. 

Next episode: France

Team placements:

Devin & Carrie (1st Place)
MacArthur & Sanders (2nd Place)
Jacaques & Josee (3rd Place)
Leo & Annie (4th Place)
Gabriella & Nekota (5th Place)
Gerry & Pete (6th Place)
Owen & Noah (7th Place)
Ryan & Stephanie (8th Place)
Sam & May (9th Place)
Jordan & Fabian (10th Place) 
Geoff & Brody (11th Place)
Jay & Mickey (12th Place)
Emma & Kitty (13th Place)
June & Quince (14th Place)
Mary & Ellody (15th Place)
Tom & Jen (16th Place)
Aaryn & Yves (17th Place)
Dani & Syd (18th Place)
Kelly & Taylor (19th Place)
Crimson & Ennui (20th Place)
Chet & Lorenzo (21st Place)
Rock & Spud (22nd Place)
Laurie & Miles (23rd Place)
Dwayne & Junior (24th place)

Leonard & Tammy (25th place) 

Last chapter:
Next chapter:

Comment on what you like and what you think, enjoy! 
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